About us

We Stand Above The Rest

All of Iowa Customs products are designed and produced right here in the United States of America, specifically the Great State of Iowa. All of us at Iowa Customs take great pride in the products we produce and engineer for our customers. All products are rigorously tested before bringing it to the market. For that reason, when you order Iowa Customs products, the fit and finish are second to none.


Our trucks look stunning and are the pride and joy of their owners. For years we have been proud to give your trucks the royal treatment. The boredom of a factory stock truck is tantamount to watching paint dry. We are here to introduce variety and class, to all semi trucks nationwide. Give us a call, because you and your truck deserve it.

We provide a variety of great custom truck accessories to take your ride from mundane to insane through our multiple nationwide dealers. Iowa Customs truck accessories include deck plates,  light bars, seat bases, step plates and much more.